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Golden Globes 2015 – earring style

– What is the latest trends in earring style

My favorite jewelry is as always, earrings, I feel that they have the power to do the most for the wearer.  They compliment the face adding a light that is generally flattering. There are some earrings which do have the opposite effect and the wearer seems blissfully unaware of this fact.

I checked out the jewelry wearing of 75 of the stars on the red carpet at the Golden Globes 2015.  Reflecting the value of wearing earrings, only one lady of the 75 did not wear earrings.

I have been observing the trends in earrings for many years and this year at the Golden Globes 2015 I have seen the biggest trend change. The change was to large long drop earrings. 27 of the 75 stars wore these long drops, they were beautiful and I am sure very expensive.

Next most popular was the good stand by stud earring there were 20 wearing them. 19 of the group wore short drop earrings. 5 wore button earrings and only 2 wore an upward sweep earring. These were quite popular at the 2014 Oscars. One star wore a stud with an ear cuff.

Some years ago they were all the rage but here at the Golden Globes 2015 only 1 in our group wore hoop earrings.

Another trend that I observed was a move away from necklaces, I only saw 3 in this group.

43 stars wore bracelets, so they continue to be quite popular.

For overall elegance I have chosen Kate Beckinsale, a British actress. She had shoulder duster earrings with a bracelet on each wrist. She chose to wear a neutral gray dress from Elie Saab Couture, with a silver sequined top. The soft flow of the skirt and her high hair style all added to her overall elegance.

Almost everyone looked just gorgeous and I never cease to be fascinated by their style and poise.

That is my wrap up of the earring trends at the Golden Globes 2015.

Obsidian – Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

photo by G.E. Ulrich, U.S. Geological Survey

Obsidians dark beauty fascinates me.  Obsidian is black glassy volcanic rock formed by very rapid solidification of lava. I used to live in the jungles of West New Britain on the Southern side of the New Britain Island. The south side had no active volcanoes however there were active volcanoes on the north side of the Island. Thus studies identify the source of Obsidian found in the south as having come from the northern areas. 

The Island has a dividing range of mountains. Today the north side is quite developed compared to the southern side. In the south, there are only roads close to the coast and no interior roads. Therefore going from one area to another involves rugged, challenging terrain and the crossing of swollen waterways balancing on pole bridges. While you wait, pole bridges were constructed by the locals. The bridges consisted of three poles tied together with vines.

Many years before any white person entered the area, Obsidian was used as a trade item. With the Obsidian originating from the volcanic lava of the north it was carried across the mountain range to trade with the southern people.

Archeological Exploration

As an interesting sideline, while we were living there archeological exploration was carried out in the Yombon area. They dug trenches and identified a layer which they say was 3,600+ years ago. Then the archaeologists showed the local people the very distinct dark layer. They continued to explain that it occurred around the time when Abraham lived. Further explaining that the dark layer was formed when Mount Witori erupted on the northern side. They explained that the impact of the eruption would have devastated populations for hundreds of kilometers from Mount Witori. Ash from the explosion would have been so thick in the Yombon area that no life could have survived, no vegetation and no people. Consequently, indications are that the area would not have been re-inhabited for another 800 years.

Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Black Obsidian Glass

Obsidian in the absence of knives was highly valued

Therefore in these jungle cultures, the traded Obsidian with its sharp glassy edges was used for shaving and cutting. We saw it used for cutting the umbilical cord of newborn babies. These pieces of Obsidian could be thousands of years old.

One of several papers cited –

Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Mahogany Obsidian Pendant

Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Obsidian ring by Victor Williams

Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Heart Obsidian Earrings by Victor Williams

Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Obsidian Earrings



Obsidian-Volcanic Glass Jewelry

Obsidian Red Mahogany

Jewelry Styles

Red carpets are the place to practice your talent for what looks good and what goes with what. In this article we are talking mainly about jewelry styles. You may not afford their quality of metals and gems but it is helpful to study the styles.

I felt that one of the best overall stars on the night, taking the dress and accessories into account was Sandra Bullock. Some may think the dress was a little conservative but really it was pure elegance. She had earrings with tiny leaves arranged in an upward sweep that accentuated the line of her face, a bracelet and no necklace.  The earrings being a Lorraine Schwartz $1.8 million platinum and diamond cluster along with a Lorraine Schwartz platinum and diamond bracelet.

It was not only Sandra Bullock who did not wear a necklace, but a count of 30 other stars only came up with 7 necklaces.

Jennifer Lawrence wore her necklace toward the back in that it was high in the front and draped down her back.  I am not sure how she kept it in place when she tripped on the red carpet. It was a Neil Lane necklace that weighed in at 100 carats and cost $2 million.

Bracelets were quite popular, most of them fairly small and of course very expensive.

Earrings are my favorite jewelry accessory.  I did not see any female stars who did not wear earrings.  There were a number of earrings with an upward sweep, of the jewelry style Sandra Bullock wore.  Button and stud earrings were popular.  Most wore earrings with a stud that covered the piercing along with various shaped drops. Most were no longer than 1 to 2 inches.

Australia’s Cate Blanchett  won best actress for her role in Blue Jasmine. She looked very soft and lovely in her ‘nude look’ dress. Her jewelry consisted of diamond bracelet and rings. The long length drop earrings finished with a rather large flower that seemed a little bottom heavy. They featuring 62 white opals (33 carats) set in white diamond pave and 18k white gold.  Overall she looked gorgeous.

Jewelry is meant to add to the overall ‘wonderful you’ look. You don’t want to meet someone and have them say what beautiful earrings you are wearing. You want the earrings to compliment you, make them work for you. So when you meet that special someone they say how stunning you look and those earrings just add to your beauty.

So keep watching the red carpets and we can learn a lot about jewelry styles.

Rings – Love them, enjoy them and show them off

Jewelry has a very long and diverse history going back as far as history takes us.  Every culture has embraced the use of jewelry for adornment in some form or other.  The history of wearing rings goes back a long time also.  We think of great rulers who used their signet rings to imprint a wax seal to put their authority on documents.

Today we love rings as much as they were ever loved.  In western cultures they are worn by male or female of any age, on any finger, thumb or toe.  Rings are often made out of precious metals, like gold and sterling silver. Many popular styles of rings are made out of stainless steel or other base metals, wood, bone or shells.  Rings speak of love and friendship or are worn just for beauty and fashion.

Rings are decorated by etching, using contrasting metals, plating, adding precious and semi-precious gems, pearls, enamel or oxidised finishes.  The list of decoration is as endless as the many shapes and sizes of rings.Rings

The Spinner Rings can be used to annoy everyone around you or be used as a way of stress relief for the wearer.

The Class Ring or school graduation ring is often engraved with the year of graduation and a stone of one of the school colors.

Stack Rings are two or more rings designed to fit on the same finger at the same time.

Cocktail Rings are usually large and set with oversized gems, rather showy but elegant.

Rings, especially sterling silver rings, make wonderful gifts because they look wonderful and are not too expensive.  The beautiful glow of the silver sets off the sparkle of any gems that may be used to create the ring.  The majority of peoples skin tone is more suited to silver or a mixture of silver and gold than it is to plain gold.

 Rings are widely used as a symbol of love and marriage.

The continuous circular band is said to be symbolic of continuous love and commitment between the partners in the marriage.  Some engagement rings and eternity rings feature three main stones symbolising the past, present and future of the continuing relationship. Most eternity rings have a continuous line of gem stones.

The claddagh ring was first crafted in 1689. Claddagh rings have two hands clasping a heart, symbolizing love, surmounted by a crown, symbolizing loyalty. The ring worn on the right hand with the heart turned outward indicates that your heart is yet unoccupied. Worn on the right hand with the heart turned inward indicates that love is being considered. Worn on the left hand the with the heart turned inward shows everyone that your heart is truly spoken for.

The rich and famous may measure their worth by the size and price of the gems in their rings but the rest of us are content to wear rings for their own beauty and style.   We are fortunate these days to be able to take advantage of the man made gems that look stunning yet are very cost effective.

 Rings are for wearing, giving, cherishing and enjoying, one can never have too many.