2-Day Hot Price Reduction Sales Explained

Most of us, by necessity, keep a close watch on our spending. It is essential not to blow the budget when reducing debt or avoiding debt. We all like the satisfaction of saving our hard earned dollars with a bargain buy. That is where the 2-Day Hot Price Reduction Sales are golden. Just 48 hours to grab your bargain.

2-Day Hot Price Reduction Sales


2-Day Hot Price Reduction Sales Explained

The exciting flash sales only last for 48-hours. The price reductions are amazing with up to a further 50% off.

You really need to sign up so that I can notify you when they start. Just 48 hours and they are gone.


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For those using the Planned Buying system, have your list ready to get in on the low prices.

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How we achieve these slashed prices.

With our access to hundreds of warehouses around the world, I spend hours searching for products, reading reviews, weighing up prices and comparing the reputation of warehouses.

Products that reach my criteria are put in my online store.

As the warehouses compete for business they will put selected products on sale reduced by up to a further 50%. Their warehouse discounts only last a couple of days!

We take advantage of this price war and publish a flash sale of 6-10 products with highly reduced prices. I can only guarantee these low prices for 48 hours.

As a result, my customers are able to snag bargains at exclusive prices.


The risk I take is that buyers will see my low prices and undervalue the products. It is a well-known selling strategy to put a higher price on items giving the impression of more value so as to increase sales.

So please don’t undervalue my products because I don’t charge you enough!


Free Shipping

On top of all these savings, we offer FREE SHIPPING!

The cost of shipping can blow the budget and take the joy out of finding a bargain, therefore, we give you free shipping.

Free shipping is a little slower but the wait is worth it. Most items will deliver in 12-20 days. Some will take a little longer so plan ahead to get the bargains. There is heightened security all around the world and this can impact the mailing system.

Two-day price reductions are 48 hours of awesome opportunity to buy gifts for loved ones or a gift to love yourself, at basement prices. The total savings can be huge.

With a little planning – for example, write down all the birthdays and events, like Christmas, weddings, and parties that you will require a gift for. Now plan ahead a few weeks to make sure you take advantage of these everyday bargains, not just in the 48-hour sales, every item in the store is already reduced.The Planned Buying System

I calculated the cost of my basic Christmas gifts was reduced around 60%, by purchasing gifts through my store. In anyone’s language that is big savings, especially as Christmas is a high-pressure time on budgets.

See how my reduced Christmas gift buying is going for this year.

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Example Only – 48-hour sale – (Sorry these prices are no longer available– they may come up again in another flash sale).

925 Sterling Silver Earring Freshwater Pearl

925 Sterling Silver Earring Freshwater Pearl Sale


The quality elegant earrings are stamped 925 Sterling Silver. The pearls are genuine freshwater pearls. The details are AAA Zircon stones.

Choose from three pearl colors

Only five pairs of white genuine freshwater pearl earrings left.

Full Price $19.95 For 48 hours the 925 Sterling Silver Earring Freshwater Pearl is available for $10.95 – 45% off  – Free postage 12-20 days delivery

 (don’t wait and pay $19.95)

Click Image for full description.



Long Adjustable Pendant Silver Chain ‘Wendy’

Wendy pendant Sale


Create a slender longer look with the ‘Wendy’ pendant has a deep blue stone set in silver with clear crystal detail. The chain ends in a simulated pearl topped with crystals.

Full Price $10.50 For 48 hours the Long Adjustable Pendant Silver Chain ‘Wendy’ is available for $6.30

Free postage upgrade to the USA 12-20 days delivery 

40% off  – the ‘Wendy’ beautiful pendant

 (don’t wait and pay $10.50)

Click Image for full description.

Hurry – The clock is ticking down


Fashion Alloy Feather Necklace Pendant

Fashion Alloy Feather Necklace PendantEXAMPLE
Trendy fashion alloy feather necklace pendant available in gold or silver color. The main feather has a vein of clear crystals. The pendant is on 6 strings of PU leather.

Full Price $5.60 For 48 hours the Fashion Alloy Feather Necklace Pendant is available for $3.90

30% off  –

 (don’t wait and pay $5.60)

Click Image for full description.

Hurry – The clock is ticking down


Men’s Genuine Leather Bracelet

Leather bracelet 48 hr Sale


For the masculine man who likes the well dressed casual look.

Full Price $9.85 For 48 hours the Men’s Genuine Leather Bracelet is available for $6.40

35% off  –

 (don’t wait and pay $9.85)

Click Image for full description.

Hurry – The clock is ticking down




Statement Colorful Crystal Necklace

Statement necklace 48 hour SaleStand out in a crowd with this luxurious statement colorful crystal necklace.

Full Price $11.85 For 48 hours the Statement Colorful Crystal Necklace is available for $7.70

Free postage upgrade 12-20 days delivery 

35% off  – Statement Colorful Crystal Necklace

 (don’t wait and pay $11.85)

Click Image for full description.

Hurry – The clock is ticking down


Trendy Gold Crystal Jewelry Set ‘Dee’

Gold crystal jewelry set 48 hour SaleDress up for that formal event with confidence in the crystal encrusted necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

Full Price $26.95 For 48 hours the Trendy Gold Crystal Jewelry Set ‘Dee’ is available for $14.85

Free postage upgrade to the USA 12-20 days delivery 

45% off  – Trendy Gold Crystal Jewelry Set ‘Dee’

 (don’t wait and pay $26.95)

Click Image for full description.



Ladies Fashion Handbag Handy Compartments

EXAMPLELadies Fashion Handbag Handy Compartments

A lovely fashion handbag with many handy compartments.

Available in four trendy colors that will compliment any outfit.

Add to that a beautiful pendant and chains.

Full Price $40.00 For 48 hours the Ladies Fashion Handbag Handy Compartments

 is available for $24.00 40% off  – Free postage 12-20 days delivery 

 (don’t wait and pay $40.00)

Click Image for full description.

Hurry – The clock is ticking down


High Heel Silicone Gel Cushion Innersoles

Gel Inner Sole 48 hr SaleRelieve the suffering of painful feet when wearing high heels.

Full Price $5.50 For 48 hours the High Heel Silicone Gel Cushion Innersoles is available for $4.60

Free postage upgrade to the USA 12-20 days delivery 

15% off  – High Heel Silicone Gel Cushion Innersoles

 (don’t wait and pay $5.50)

Click Image for full description.

That is just an example of the bargains in the 2-day hot price reduction sales.

Get notifications when these 48-hour sales commence so that you will not miss out.

We always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions to make the Luvit store even better. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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