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Christmas is a joyous time but budget stress can spoil the season. Here is how to save 60% on Christmas gift shopping.

The Luvit Store is set up with the primary intention of helping serious budgeters. Our prices are intentionally set LOW.

To save at least 60% on Christmas gift shopping as explained below, there are two things that will make it much easier to achieve.

  1. Our Planned Buying system not only saves you money, but it ensures that all those gifts are paid for by the time Christmas season starts. (Not necessary if you have a very healthy budget).
  2. Sign up to be notified of the 48-hour price reductions – selected items will be reduced up to a further 50% off. These discounts will keep your spending down.

Go here for notification of the 48-hour discounts.

How to Save 60-70% on Christmas Gift Shopping

How to Save 60% on Christmas Gift Shopping

Using the Planned Buying system I have a list of who I want to buy gifts for. Checking the Luvit Store as well as making sure to watch the 48-hour price reduction sales helps me select gifts.

When I find the gift that I want, I buy it, I definitely need to start Christmas shopping in August or September. I am aiming to save as close to 60% as I can.

I try and space my gift buying by one or two weeks so that I buy knowing that I have the funds to do so.


How to Save 60% on Christmas Gift Shopping

Example first stage of Christmas buying: I have two precious children to buy for, one aged four and the other aged six years (not my children). Last Christmas I spent $45.00 each on them. This year I am aiming to make them love their presents without budget pain.

I was so excited to find these mechanical money boxes. I could see the joy in their eyes already as the money is placed on the plate and pressed. Then the cute cat inside slowly raises the lid and puts its paw out and pulls the coin into the money box.

Fascinating Money Savings Box [Variety Cartoons]

I plan to pre-install the two AA batteries and supply few coins for them to use. I am thinking they will want to keep playing just to watch the cat take the money. They will be asking their dad for coins and asking everyone else in the room for coins as well.

This little gift will start to grow already, who knows how much they will end up with on the day. Entrepreneurs in the making. The gift will also intrigue the adults as they watch the children enjoy their money box.

I have saved so much on buying the money boxes, I went looking for something extra.

Wall Climbing Tumbling Sticky Men

I bought a set of ten men so that the children can have four men each and that leaves two men for me 🙂

The ideal surface is a glass door, a window, mirror or any smooth clean surface.

Everyone will be amused as the kids have a heap of fun. Place or throw the men on the window and watch them tumble down, their feet and hands grabbing the window as they come down.

Tumbling Wall Climbing Tumbling Sticky Men


I am very pleased with my buys and I know the children will fall in love with these gifts. My very tight budget will be in good shape. When Christmas comes these gifts will already be paid for, no stress.

Summing up

$12.85  Cat Money Box -On a warehouse special and in the 48-hour price reduction.

$ 2.00    AA Batteries

$ 2.20    4 Wall Climbing Men


$17.05  TOTAL   –  Saving on last year – 62%


Stay tuned, I still have gifts for three adults to buy for. I’m hoping to find some more bargains.

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Cat Money Box

Cute Cat Money Box

Wall Climbing Sticky Men

Wall Climbing Tumbling Sticky Men

Stuffed Toy Cute Large Smiling Cat

Stuffed Toy Cute Large Smiling Cat






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