Jewelry Styles on the Red Carpet – Oscars 2014

Jewelry Styles

Red carpets are the place to practice your talent for what looks good and what goes with what. In this article we are talking mainly about jewelry styles. You may not afford their quality of metals and gems but it is helpful to study the styles.

I felt that one of the best overall stars on the night, taking the dress and accessories into account was Sandra Bullock. Some may think the dress was a little conservative but really it was pure elegance. She had earrings with tiny leaves arranged in an upward sweep that accentuated the line of her face, a bracelet and no necklace.  The earrings being a Lorraine Schwartz $1.8 million platinum and diamond cluster along with a Lorraine Schwartz platinum and diamond bracelet.

It was not only Sandra Bullock who did not wear a necklace, but a count of 30 other stars only came up with 7 necklaces.

Jennifer Lawrence wore her necklace toward the back in that it was high in the front and draped down her back.  I am not sure how she kept it in place when she tripped on the red carpet. It was a Neil Lane necklace that weighed in at 100 carats and cost $2 million.

Bracelets were quite popular, most of them fairly small and of course very expensive.

Earrings are my favorite jewelry accessory.  I did not see any female stars who did not wear earrings.  There were a number of earrings with an upward sweep, of the jewelry style Sandra Bullock wore.  Button and stud earrings were popular.  Most wore earrings with a stud that covered the piercing along with various shaped drops. Most were no longer than 1 to 2 inches.

Australia’s Cate Blanchett  won best actress for her role in Blue Jasmine. She looked very soft and lovely in her ‘nude look’ dress. Her jewelry consisted of diamond bracelet and rings. The long length drop earrings finished with a rather large flower that seemed a little bottom heavy. They featuring 62 white opals (33 carats) set in white diamond pave and 18k white gold.  Overall she looked gorgeous.

Jewelry is meant to add to the overall ‘wonderful you’ look. You don’t want to meet someone and have them say what beautiful earrings you are wearing. You want the earrings to compliment you, make them work for you. So when you meet that special someone they say how stunning you look and those earrings just add to your beauty.

So keep watching the red carpets and we can learn a lot about jewelry styles.