Save 60% on Christmas Gifts! Is it possible?

Save 60% on Christmas Gifts! Is it possible [Part 2]

[Part 2]

My goal is to save 60% on Christmas gifts. That is compared to what I spent last Christmas. I have a tight budget but I love to give gifts that will be valued.

Save 60% on Christmas Gifts! Is it possible? [Part 2] There is an easier way - Internet shopping

Internet shopping is so convenient and easy

Save 60% on Christmas Gifts! Is it possible?

I know, it is still weeks until Christmas. However, using the Planned Shopping system I have a list of all the people I want to buy gifts for and I plan several weeks in advance.  This saves money and I am able to buy nicer gifts that will be appreciated. I hate spending money on gifts that nobody really wants. I buy through my Luvit internet store and save on price and free shipping. You can make these savings too if you want to cut Christmas expenses.

I love to shop the 48-hour warehouse sales and save even more.

Saving 60% on my gift shopping this year. I love the 48-hour warehouse sales and save even more. Click To Tweet

In Part One of save 60% on Christmas gifts, I was buying for the beautiful 4 and 6-year-olds that make our Christmas fun.

I bought them these fascinating mechanical money savers. They came in the post, well packaged and of course, we had to try them out. Here is my husband giving a demonstration of the fun that kids can have.



I still have two adult females and one male to buy gifts for.

I have purchased and already received this lovely silver toned candelabra for one of the females. It was so well packaged with a very strong bubble wrap that I have never seen before. The candelabra was in pieces for safer shipping, it was not too hard to put together. It has five arms for candles and looks stylish.

Save 60% on Christmas Gifts! Is it possible? Candelabra

I bought this in the 48-hour sale for $25.00 that was a discount of 30%.

I am not sure what to do about candles, I would like to include them. I was thinking about led light candles, mainly for safety reasons with children in the house. If I do that it may take me over the 60% savings. I will wait and see if I can save on the other two gifts that I want to buy, one for another adult female and an adult male.

This is what the candelabra would look like with real candles, it is so pretty and soft.

candelabra with candles

5 arm candelabra a choice of metal colors


Summing up


$12.85  Cat Money Box -On a warehouse special and in the 48-hour price reduction.

$ 2.00    AA Batteries

$ 2.20    4 Wall Climbing Men


$17.05  TOTAL   –  Saving on last year – 62%

One female adult

$25.00  that is a 58% savings on last year.


Total savings so far is 60% but I would still like to get candles for the candelabra and two more adult gifts to go. I hope I can keep it to a 60% savings, if not it will be close and still be a huge saving in Christmas gift shopping.


Be watching for Part 3 where I hope to have decided on the remainder of my Christmas gift buying.

I randomly have flash 48-hour sales, it depends on when the right warehouses have thier sales. I am planning a large sale around the 16th October and a big pre-Christmas sale around the 27th October.

Don’t miss out I will notify you when the 48-hour sales go live.

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