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Are you tired of turning up to events feeling like your gifts are inferior to everyone else’s? I was too. That is why I have developed the Planned Buying System. I can now afford great gifts that people will want and value.

The Planned Buying System getting more for less


The Planned Buying System

I feel well qualified to call myself thrifty. Right from when our family of five was very young, we worked for a non-profit organization where we lived from day to day. Each day not knowing where the next meal was coming from. An exciting way to live.

Now our young family has grown and flown the nest. We still live a thrifty lifestyle. In saying that, I know the pain of a very tight budget, feeling like I can’t afford to buy nice things or give valued gifts.

The system of Planned Buying solves those problems for me. I am also making it available for you. I don’t want your budget to strangle the desire to give nice things. Or to be able to go out dressed with confidence.

The Planned Buying system explained

From 2005 I owned an online jewelry store – fast forward to 2017 when the Planned Buying system is developed within a new store.

The new store sells a wider range of fashion jewelry, some clothes, and nightwear. Beauty aids and other gifts for the whole family.

Now the good part

I choose to put a low mark up on the products in order to sell them at prices that won’t hurt the budget like fully priced items do.

The risk I take is buyers seeing my low prices will undervalue the products. It is a popular selling strategy to put a higher price on items giving the impression of more value, in order to increase sales. So please don’t undervalue my products because I don’t charge you enough.

Identical products from our store can be seen marked up by 100 to 400%. For example, a toy in our store sells a set of 10 pieces for $5.50. The identical toy in another store was selling just one piece for $4.75 each. (each child playing needs at least two to enjoy the fun.) Where would you put your money?


Making the Planned Buying System work for you


Get organized – 

Make a list, with dates of all the birthdays, weddings, parties, Christmas presents and every event where you need to buy a gift. Or some accessories to spruce up an outfit in your wardrobe.

Mark a date that is eight weeks before the event to choose and order your gift. This will allow time for you to be super organized. The event will come and your gift is ready and paid for, no last minute stress and having to use a credit card.

Get organized, buy well before the event and you will save a heap. Buy more for less and surprise everyone with lovely gifts.

More savings – FREE SHIPPING

Finding a bargain on the internet can be spoiled by shipping costs. That is why we offer FREE SHIPPING on all items.

Free shipping is a little slower but the wait is worth it. Most items will deliver in 12-20 days. Some will take a little longer. I tend to make my orders one to two weeks apart and then when I have the fun of opening a parcel, I know that another one will come soon. I have to warn you that this can be a little addictive.

Finding products for the store

A lot of research goes into finding good products at low prices. When a warehouse has a sale it is exciting. It enables me to take their discounts for a flash 48-hour sale, passing these amazingly low prices on to you. Often they cut already low prices by up to 50%.

Even More savings

Get notified here as the flash sales start. Bargains are only available in the 48-hour window.

Christmas is an expensive time, again, think ahead and buy the low prices. Always keep your list handy for the 48-hour sales. If an ideal product is price reduced, grab it while you can.

I add products to the store every day. As I see the need I expand the categories.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions below so that I can make it a little easier as you juggle life and budget.

Get your notification for the flash 48-hour sales here.

Check out some of these products

The Planned Buying system lounge wear

Luxurious Faux Silk 1 Size Fits All Lounge and sleepwear

The Planned Buying System Stuffed cat

Stuffed Toy Cute Large Smiling Cat

Kitten Cat Pendant Cute Long Chain Planned Buying

Kitten Cat Pendant Cute Long Chain

Fashion Alloy Feather Necklace Pendant

Leather with metal feather silver or gold. Crystal trim.

1-4 year old girls cotton set

1-4-year-old girls cotton set.





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