What Jewelry Styles? I Need Your Help

I Need Your Help!

What Jewelry styles to stock my store

What Jewelry Styles? I Need Your Help to stock my store. Help me with the generational gap to know what is popular.


I need help to stock my jewelry store. The generational gap became apparent as I was reading posts on the Blogger’s Pit Stop, I came to Leslie’s tutorial on how to make a jewelry organizer. I was more interested in her lovely jewelry than in the organizer. (What a great organizer idea to easily see what you have available to wear.)

That is when I realized that I need help. If you have a minute to educate me on the styles of jewelry that are popular or you like, I would appreciate it very much.

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In 2005, I owned an Internet jewelry store, the story is on my About page. Back then the big thing was Cubic Zirconias, they were the economical solution for those of us who could not afford diamonds.

I loved glitter and shine and that is what I filled my store with along with lots of sterling silver.

I still like that jewelry today, but I know that others have a much wider appreciation of types and popular styles.

What Jewelry Styles?

My new store has branched out to sell more than jewelry but today I am concentrating on jewelry and which styles you like.

If you want you can take a look, click on Luvit Products, then on Shine after Five. There is more jewelry under Classy Casual.

I will leave some questions here to prompt some of the comments I would like you to leave below.

Do you like –

Metal tones of Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, or Charcoal?

When you dress for more formal occasions do you go for the glitter of zirconias or diamantes and rhinestones, or perhaps pearls?

Generally, would you be attracted to bold statement jewelry that is larger and more colorful?

Do you like large colorful beads?

What sort of earrings? Studs, large or small? Dangle, shoulder dusters? Ear cuffs?

Do you like to add a bracelet?

Are you interested in anklets?

Do you use/like hair jewelry?

So many people are under budget stress and I wanted this store to enable them to buy nice things that will not cause a budget blowout. I could charge 100 or 200% more but I have chosen to keep markups to a minimum. On top of that, two days a week I have a super sale. To do this I work with the warehouses who sometimes put on two or three-day specials. I grab some of those items and pass the savings on to my lucky customers.  Sign up, on the right, to be notified when these hot sales start. No pressure to sign up, I do send a $2.00 coupon to those who sign up, every dollar goes a long way in my store.

I add more products every day and that is why I would appreciate your input on jewelry style.

Thank You,



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